RIBA Stages of Work


This outline plan of work organises the process of managing and designing build projects and administering building contracts into a number of key work stages. The content of the work stages may vary or overlap to suit the project, however we will always try to retain the sequence where possible. We will also look to tie in our invoice and payment schedules to reflect the development stages as the project progresses.

Preparation, RIBA Stages A (Appraisal) & B (Design Brief)

Dependent on the project and client this phase may not always be necessary. Here though we can help you develop the feasibility of a project based on particular site or basic requirements. We will help identify your needs and requirements as a client and possible constraints on development. A brief will be developed including procurement method (particular process of designing and constructing), organisational structure and any other consultants likely to be engaged on the project

Design, RIBA Stages C (Concept), D (Design Development) & E (Technical Design)

Quite often where a client has a good idea of their requirements (and able to prepare a design brief) this will represent the starting point of the project. Here we will implement the design brief to create and develop the design from initial concept to a detailed proposal. This may include sketch drawings, development models, detailed CAD drawings and visualisations. We will consider space planning, materials, construction methods, desired usage and even potential future demolition and re-use of the building. Sustainability and environmental considerations will be fully explored to suit your requirements. At Time Architects we strongly believe in a process of continual engagement with you the client throughout the design. We feel this is extremely important at this stage as we develop the design to be both creative and inspiring, to ensure the end product meets your requirements and as a design is perfect for you. It is at this stage also that we will prepare and apply for Planning Approval, Listed Building Consent and Building Regulations Approval where necessary.

Pre-Construction, RIBA Stages F (Production Information), G (Tender Documentation) & H (Tender Action)

Here we will create the package of drawings and schedules in order to allow your project to be priced by contractors. We will guide you through the whole tender process including advising of possible contractors to tender with if required. We will issue the tender package, including documents from the other consultants where applicable, and will analyse the received tenders to enable you to decide the appropriate contractor and specialists to create your build.

Construction, RIBA Stages J (Mobilisation) & K (Construction)

Once you have agreed the appropriate construction cost and timescale for the build with the successful contractor, we will prepare the most appropriate building contract for your project. This will include issuing the contract documents again including the relevant drawings and schedules to both you and the contractor, arrangement of handing over the site as appropriate and administration of the contract and inspection of the works throughout the build to completion.

Use, RIBA Stage L (Post Practical Completion)

Once the building has been fully constructed we will undertake a final inspection of the works, ensure you receive all the appropriate documentation and manuals from the contractor, sign off the contract and fully review the project.
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