Our first blog article!

Hello there and welcome to our new blog

I must admit this is all very new to us at Time Architects, I don’t think any of us have even engaged in reading blogs before, never mind sit down to actually write one. You see we’ve been far too busy building this practice of ours to actually sit down and pass on anything resembling our thoughts. But with a shiny new website we thought it was about time we started so here it is, our very first blog.

We won’t be writing any essays.  Nor will we be debating what’s just happened on Coronation Street or what we are having for tea. Instead we’ll be trying to get across who we are, what we believe in, what makes us tick, what we think of the world around us, what we do, and probably most importantly, how and why we do it. We’ll keep them brief, light hearted, funny if possible and hopefully well worth reading.

We can’t promise you a professional standard of journalism. But we do promise to give you our whole hearted honest opinions. We’ll stay on theme and be as helpful and informative as we can. Hopefully you will find us interesting and want to come back for more. So to start with thanks for joining us, welcome aboard and we hope you enjoy the ride.

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