Company growth

So here we are three years in and the practice is growing

Looking back, having just walked away from the largest conservation architecture practice in the country, we started this journey with little more than a pc and bundles of passion and enthusiasm. To start with we set about getting our name out to just about anyone who was willing to listen. A crash course in networking and marketing led to all sorts of weird and wonderful ways of promoting the practice and what we do. A thousand coffee meetings later and we’ve learned some pretty cool tricks too – we’ll tell you more about these in this blog as we go along.

We set this practice up for so many reasons back in 2012 and it’s been the most enjoyable and rewarding period of our careers to date. We thought we knew exactly what was required in setting up a practice but we’ve learned so many lessons along the way and we’ve still got so much to learn.

We never really realised just how many things you need to master to make a practice work. It was no longer simply an issue of understanding architectural design. We’ve learned all about our clients and their needs. Who we need to be and what we need to do to help them achieve what they want. We’ve learned about creating the best possible environment for architectural design and how to push ourselves to be the best we can be. We’ve entered competitions, advised clients for free and worked on some wild and weird projects.

The most important lessons though have been to realise who we are, what we can do and what makes us the best option for our clients. We’ve learned the importance of establishing our own style of design and presentation and we’ve learned to believe in ourselves, be as free as possible and best of all - to dream.

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